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:: Brand Selection

  • A random sample is taken from the selected quantity to analyze and on the analysis basis we give our primary approval.

  • The quantity then is stored in a large container which accommodates the whole quantity so that it would mix to become of one or similar characteristic, and then we take a sample from it to re-analyze in the laboratory and to verify its compatibility with the quality and specifications and when we make sure of that we give our final approval.

  • When make the precipitation processes for the impurities and purify it by the physical purification tools and by using the 100% natural cellulose dishes to eliminate the fine impurities unseen by the unaided eye, we put in the final packing containers to re-analyze in order to verify that its characteristics and specifications didn't change during such processes.

  • Packing and packaging process comes when we complete the whole quantity prepared for marketing by taking random samples for final analysis and to approve then the supply of the goods to markets.