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:: Quality and Selection of Fineness
Quality and Types selection:
The company selects the type of the olive oil which it packs and exports under its trademark from the best and the highest quality Syrian oil and from areas known by its quality. Oil is selected from the best marketable types on the basis of good taste, color and fragrant smell as well as its analytical specifications, so that it would contain low acidity and with peroxide rate (oxidization) and moisture compatible with the proper health specifications.
Select packs and packaging
We select the packs used for packaging and marketing from the best glass, metal or plastic packs. Glass packs are considered the best to be used to package the olive oil; however, it's preferred to prevent the light to reach to it because the direct light influences the oil.

Therefore, we pack the material in firmly closed cartons which prevent the influence of the light during the storage period and which might be long period in sometimes. We select the form and model of the glass packs as per the consumers opinions in the markets which export these goods.

We select metal packs from the best metal types painted by insulating substances that prevent the metal interaction with the oil. These materials shall be approved by the governmental health control establishments.

While the plastic packs are manufactured by PET material used for food items and it's not affected chemically by any of the reacted materials; therefore, we have the complete control and continued monitor to maintain the quality of our products up to the consumer and during its full consumption period.