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:: The Company & Its activities

The company's name: Mahmoud Al Qubaitri Sons Co.

The company was founded in 1950 by its founder Mr. Mahmoud Al Qubaitri. The company is considered the first leading company in the field of purifying, packing and exporting the olive oil in Syria. The company is still existed in spite of changing its commercial name to Omar Al Qubaitri Sons Co. under the management of its founder, who is considered the reference and the first experienced person in selecting the exported oil quality.

The Company's methodology

The company adopts a fixed methodology to maintain originality in its products and to develop by using the most modern tools of modern technology.

By maintaining the fixed methodology, the company continued its activities since more than fifty years and it looks forward to continue on the same methodology and develop in the future towards the best.

The company's scope of work
The company is specialized in marketing and improving the quality of the olive oil with concentrating on food items; such as olive, Makdos and pickles in general and other similar items.

What Does Q.M stand for?

Letters (QM) are the first letters of the name of the first founder of this company which he used as a symbol of quality to his product and in order to maintain the quality level and improve it. Therefore, he maintains the product which contains his name to protect himself and his name and to be a symbol for that name and this made him reputed and a source of confidence for his customers and clients.

The boat drawn on the trademark refers to the originality of Syria in producing olives from which Greek boats shipped this tree to the other Mediterranean countries. The sun which contains the two letters refers with its shine to the emergence of this mark as the shine of the bright sun.

In order to maintain what's mentioned above, our company continued on this method to protect the reputation of this mark through maintaining its product.